Combat Trauma Wrap NSN 6510-01-538-6292


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Seal & compress the wound * Retain body heat * Save a life

Product Overview

• Compression wrap helps control hemorrhage with ultimate wound compression
• Bandage does not stick to wound
• 6"x 60" nonsterile bandage seals small wounds to large gaping chest wounds
• Compact packaging to occupy minimal space in first aid kit or tactical vest
• May be applied directly to sucking wounds, cuts, punctures tears, abrasions
• Protects open wounds from foreign contaminants
• Transparent bandage for constant wound assessment
• Helps retain body heat
• Can be used to reinforce existing wound dressing
• Especially effective in colder climates
• Can be used as a sling
• Can be used as a splint
• Essential for first aid kits
• 100% Made in the USA
• Designed by members of the U.S. Military

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100% Guaranteed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review